Legal and judicial representation

Legal and judicial representation for all commercial and industrial establishments and individuals in the fields of commercial, administrative, criminal, labor and other laws and the regulations they govern in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in relation to clients’ relationships with others, which falls within the jurisdiction of the judicial authorities with judicial or quasi-judicial authorities.

Studies and Consultations

Providing legal advice on issues and facts that may be in dispute. The company also provides legal knowledge to the requester for advice, and the position of the law on the issue at hand, through its legal expertise, and in light of scientific and practical knowledge of similar legal cases and facts.

Real estate

If you work in the real estate trade and need real estate legal advice, Silah Law Firm is your ideal strategic partner that you can turn to to accomplish all real estate cases.

Administrative Disputes

Silah Law Firm has a team specialized in administrative dispute cases that has the full capacity to provide all legal work related to all aspects of administrative disputes, provide appeals, legal advice and audit administrative contracts with representing the client before the Administrative Court.

Inheritances and inheritances

Silah Law Firm undertakes the evaluation and liquidation of the elements of the estate, the implementation of the wills of the bequeathers and the conditions of the endowers, the payment of the debts of the estates, the collection of their rights, the division of the estate’s notables among the beneficiaries, whether adults or minors, and the transfer of ownership of the shares allocated to the beneficiaries, whether inside or outside the Kingdom.

Criminal cases

When you are accused of a crime or misdemeanor, you need a skilled lawyer and a strong legal defense to represent you at all stages of the case, no matter when and where someone is arrested, we guarantee immediate assistance to our clients 24 hours a day.

labor issues

 Silah Law Firm has a legal cadre with experience in issues related to work and workers, representation of clients before all judicial authorities, and experience in the internal work systems of companies and institutions to ensure that each party obtains what it deserves to the fullest, as the company is one of the qualified and classified companies in the adoption of labor regulations. .