We do whatever it takes to help our clients achieve their ambitions

our vision

Upgrading the legal sector throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and contributing to the nation's renaissance

Our message

Providing an integrated and distinct legal work within the framework of the purposes of Islamic Sharia, to protect the rights of customers and achieve their interests

Our Value

Out of our commitment to the highest values, we were able to provide our services in a professional and professional manner, achieving the highest quality indicators that ultimately lead to exceeding the level of expectations of customers

pillars of excellence

Silah Law Firm has established the pillars of excellence out of its belief that tangible achievements can only be achieved when it possesses sufficient ambition and insights to reach the desired goals and exceed client expectations with the highest levels of quality, trust and responsibility. Ethical standards and values.

Our Clients

And major companies and international companies operating under its subsidiaries.

Establishing deep and smart partnerships with a number of global expertise houses to enrich society

The spread of the legal profession in the cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The presence of the call center around the clock, seven days a week to answer customer inquiries

The legal hour is calculated as 100 minutes instead of 60 minutes

10 years of giving and trust

Silah Law Firm celebrates the tenth anniversary of its establishment, and a long career in which it assumed a prominent position at the forefront of Saudi legal firms, constituting a milestone, gaining a good reputation and the trust of clients, based on the principles adopted in the company.

Social Responsibility

Sila Law Firm works to support the community through volunteer and charitable work, relying on the expertise of its lawyer and its network of relationships to provide support, which leaves a real positive imprint in our society.

the Council