Company incorporation

Silah Law Firm undertakes the establishment of companies and institutions of different legal entities. Contracts are prepared in accordance with the Companies Law and related regulations, converting individual institutions into companies, establishing and converting companies of all kinds into closed or public joint stock companies, preparing their articles of association and their founding or transformation contract, and following up on incorporation or transformation procedures. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, as well as the organization of the constituent assemblies of companies upon their establishment or transformation, organize the ordinary and extraordinary general assemblies of the existing joint stock companies and prepare the decisions taken in them in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations. In addition to establishing specialized professional companies and preparing corporate governance regulations, and work organization regulations.

Preparing and drafting contracts

Silah Company is keen on the continuity of commercial relations for its clients and works to ensure that they are not exposed to any problems during the drafting of contracts, and from this comes the importance of the service of drafting contracts that are correct, complete, and items, reviewed and audited.


Silah Law Firm harnesses its capabilities to overcome challenges related to investments, thus facilitating the investor to safely access his investment opportunity at the highest level of quality, according to the following:
1. Support for the investor's business and direct contact with the investor.
2. Issuance and amendment of foreign investment licenses.
3. Issuing decisions to own and sell real estate to foreign investment establishments.
4. Establishing establishments and carrying on their business.

Construction and contracting sector

The staff of Silah Law Firm has all the expertise and capabilities to provide legal advisory services related to construction projects and engineering contracting, and to follow up on all legal affairs related to construction projects and related contracts, from the early stages of the project until its completion.
• Legal advice on establishing labor relations and managing government and private contracts and bids
• Drafting and amending construction contracts.
• Providing legal solutions to problems related to bids and all other disputes related to the work of construction and engineering contracting companies.
• Representing our clients before all judicial and administrative authorities

Insurance companies

Silah Law Firm provides legal services to the insurance sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whether for companies or individuals Providing legal opinion and advice regarding insurance coverage for individuals and companies of all kinds (such as fire, property loss, car accidents, professional negligence and personal injury)

commercial papers

Silah Law Firm has extensive experience in all paperwork and commercial transactions and cases, where the team edits and follows up all the correct procedures and steps to fulfill the right through it and file all cases before all judicial authorities efficiently and quickly.

Zakat and taxes

Silah Law Firm is a reliable authority in all matters related to Zakat and tax issues and the consequent objection or appeals, and is fully prepared to provide consultations and specialized studies for all institutions, companies and individuals

Debt collection and management

Assigning the task of debt collection to a specialized company helps focus on what achieves a revenue stream at the lowest cost and that is dealing with commercial and other entities that made the work team highly capable and efficient in dealing with debt issues